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Did you know that you already have access to mystical experience just by being female?

This Group Coaching program teaches transformative feminine wisdom to empower your daily life as a turned-on woman.


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You are invited to join over 200 other women from around the world who have already received the potent content of this program. Not everyone can afford exclusive 1:1 private coaching, so this Group Coaching program is a great opportunity to get some personalised attention from me as your experienced mystical feminine guide. It also gives the gift of learning from other women being coached by me. Rather than just teaching powerful practises, this course gives you a context and the foundation you need to use this power wisely. Consider it like a virtual women’s circle where you can get motivation & inspiration to focus on life-changing feminine wisdom, that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

I love sharing this practical feminine wisdom. And with 18 years professional experience, I know how to tune into your personal situation, to guide you in discovering more of your feminine magic. With the new Tigress Sanctuary, you get to join an intimate sized group of women, where we do live calls for 10 weeks + you get ongoing access to the powerful content of the online program. Support & connection with the other women in the program, who are still actively sharing in the private online group will be a great resource for you too. Make sure to check out the bonuses for this intake too! The program begins 6th June, so now is the time.



  • You want to show up as a sexual goddess in the bedroom
  • You’re done with feeling depleted, exhausted and like you’re never enough
  • You know there is feminine wisdom to learn, things no one ever taught you before
  • You want to harness the power of your fertility cycle & feel emotional balance
  • you enjoy personal development but you want something more female orientated
  • you want 1:1 attention but you also value learning with an intimate group of women

It takes more than being born female to really be a woman 

Are you ready to focus on your feminine evolution?

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I just wanted to send you a great big hug for the gifts you have given me through Tigress Yoga and the Tigress Online Sanctuary. I was burnt out from my very emotionally demanding and busy career, being a single parent for the past 13 years. Friends who have known me for years have asked what I have been doing. They say it’s like a light has gone on inside my body and shines out through my eyes. I laugh easily and take good care of myself.

– Karen, 49, Senior child protection & disability service, Brisbane, Australia



I received and am still receiving so much out of the Sanctuary content. It has taken me into my inner world – much deeper than I have ever delved into before. I love how empowering these modules are. I love the community of sisterhood and the authenticity in this online space. I love Dévashi’s wisdom and how inviting, loving and sensual her voice and energy is – I love listening to her. I have a deeper respect and understanding of my moon cycle and now honour this sacred time instead of in the past pushing myself and my body into overwhelm and exhaustion. I have created firm, strong boundaries with my partner and we are closer than ever before. I feel more sensual, compassionate, self aware, sexier and alive!

– Abby Kneipp, 25, Nanny, California, US

Who is Dévashi?

I’m a devotee of Sacred Feminine wisdom, an omni-sexual Scorpio lover, confidante, mentor, published author + the embodiment artist behind Tigress Yoga. I’m a feminist of the all-embracing kind, who understands that our edge today as women is to fully embody who we really are, not just know about it! To me success is first & foremost living what I teach & following divine guidance.

After identifying as a devotee for so long, I had little interest in business or worldly achievements, but… as it happens, life had other plans. In a wonderfully organic process, I ended up creating the Western world’s first female tantric yoga school, specifically for a woman’s body. About 10 years on, Tigress Yoga is now an established feminine yoga school with a dedicated community of Certified Instructors and satisfied, sincere students from around the world. I’m also one of Australia’s most experienced sacred sexuality teachers.

Because of you & with almost 20 years of professional experience, I get to offer ‘work’ that is totally in alignment with my soul gifts. I studied deeply in the field of mystical sexuality + feminine arts, gaining solid qualifications & initiations. And I hunted for my own embodied expression in various bold ways. The contrast between male oriented spiritual traditions versus what’s actually relevant to women’s bodies living in this modern world eventually became clear to me. I welcomed the balance of grounded psychology to complement the edgy ‘crazy wisdom’ teachings I experienced from the tantric world – I believe this is really important, considering how much lack of integrity happens with sexuality teachers today.

I feel honoured to be sharing this deep feminine wisdom with you & I believe what’s within the Tigress Online Sanctuary is essential learning for all women. Much of it is what I’ve been sharing in private 1:1 mentoring, only this group coaching investment is less than half of the exclusive private mentoring investment. I so look forward to nurturing you in this community.
Devashi xx





The shift from thinking to feeling, from being in my head to being in my body is what I’ve valued the most – although I’ve only participated in the essentials course so far, as I’m from Germany. From private coaching I can say there’s absolutely no dogma in your work, approach and vision. It feels like finally coming home to myself and tapping into my real feminine power. I feel valued, seen and heard. You are what you teach!

– Kerrin Bendixen, 33, Mother + Coach, Germany



I just needed to say (again!) how magical the Sexual Yoga Audio is from the Orgasmic Pleasure module. Each time I do it I notice how individual areas of my yoni bring the most delicious energy to different parts of my body. I notice it in my legs, then all down my arms until it fills my finger tips, up my spine all the way to the top of my neck, then it slowly reaches my breasts and spreads down through my solar plexus, then my nose, my lips, my ears, even my eyeballs! Finally, it spreads out beyond my physical body until all I feel is gentle vibrations through my entire being and beyond, lasting for much longer than the audio does. I love, love, love my body and the bliss Tigress brings to my life!!

– Brooke, 37, Sensual Woman & Mother, Melbourne, Australia


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To sustain our freedom & joy as women, we need to make nourishing the source of our female power a normal part of  daily life.


“Who am I to own my own beauty & power?”

“Am I good enough to be a powerful woman?”

“What if my empowered self is too intimidating for men to want me?”

“Just enough is good enough for me, the thought of nourishing myself makes me nervous, because maybe I’m not worthy of treating myself that way”

When I hear these fears that women so vulnerably share with me along the way, it breaks my heart. I dream of a world where a woman living in alignment with her true feminine power is normal – not weird or woo-woo. It’s not about having to look or be the social ideal of ‘feminine’ – not at all.

This is about real intimacy with your own essential female nature, in all the ways that feel most alive for YOU.


julia amelie

I so enjoy the spaciousness and profound relaxation I feel in my body. This physical soulful pleasure medicine is what I love most. I began Tigress Yoga steeped in my body’s wisdom, and yet now I feel an even deeper level of serenity and the support to more fully experience, receive, and express my wisdom, within my relationships and business. Thank you Devashi!

– Angela Carter, 39, Synesthesia Botanical Oils, Alaska



I originally signed up for Tigress Online Sanctuary to get a better understanding of my feminine flow, in particular how my cycles could work for me & not against me… and I did!!
What blew me away was the content in relation to things I thought I already had a pretty good handle on… such as sisterhood. Through working through the modules I had some amazing realisations on where this fear stemmed from & how to go about healing those old wounds. My friendships with women changed overnight. I’m open to receiving from women, and that had even shown up in the form of spontaneous gifts. Sisterhood is so precious, I’m so happy I’ve got a second chance at creating those relationships again. Thank you from my ever-grateful heart.

– Kara, 41, Intelligence Analyst, Gold Coast, Australia

what you receive IN THIS PROGRAM


tigressyogaonline_icon_video­ access to a new online module each week + ongoing access after the 10 weeks
tigressyogaonline_icon_video­­ weekly live group coaching calls (morning & evening options) so you can talk direct to Dévashi as you integrate the module content (yes they get recorded too) 
tigressyogaonline_icon_video­­­ companion guide worksheets to document your insights and results (optional)
tigressyogaonline_icon_video­­­­downloadable versions of embodied practises & all course content so you can revisit it as desired

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what we’ll cover each week in the course

1. Feminine Connection: the power of being in your Feminine energy, feminism, transforming meanings of female identity, valuing the Yin, sisterhood & the art of receiving.
2. Natural Sensuality: body image, deep relaxation for pleasure & vitality, you in context with the natural world, sensuality as a pathway to presence, listening to your body & being seen.
3. Sacred Fertility: pain free periods, mystical menstruation, natural fertility, primal ecstatic birth, sexy menopause, your feminine rhythms.
4. Self Mothering: feminine development, female lineage, mother line, self nurturing, psycho-emotional maturation, feelings & expression.
5. Orgasmic Pleasure: Types of female orgasm, self pleasure, finding safety, overcoming trauma, permission & practises to enhance your orgasmic experience.
6. Instinctual Wisdom: how to not give yourself away/ disempower yourself sexually, expectations and standards, knowing your boundaries & your primal animal nature.
7. Sexual Aliveness: awakening your feminine body, pelvic vitality, feeling pleasure in sex, your erotic edges, communicating your needs/desires & beginner jade egg practises.
8. High Self Respect: self fathering, commitment to yourself, raising your standards, being the magnet for what you want, attracting high quality partnership & inner authority.
9. Relationship Alchemy: desire in long term relationship, the alchemy of water and fire, co-empowerment, polarity, effective communication & feminine allure.
10. Integration & Completion: your 3 centres of intelligence & the chance to go deeper into any previous topic, with a where to from here focus.



Tigress Sanctuary has been a really accessible way for me to reconnect with myself in my very full busy life. Devashi’s reflections have really brought important things home for me! Thank you. I love how I can go back at anytime to listen to the audio modules too. Highly recommended!!

– Donna, 28, Tigress Yoga Instructor & Recruitment Consultant, Melbourne, Australia



I love how learning with Dévashi encourages me to be myself and to express the real woman that I am. It has helped me to discover with ease the light and pleasure I have within my body. I’ve learnt to feel and notice what is going on for me and realise there is such incredible potential for pleasure, joy and growth in my life.

– Alison, 46, Admin Officer – Alice Springs, Australia



tigressyogaonline_icon_coaching­Private coaching call, 1 hour with Dévashi for first 5 women to sign up (value $375 each)
tigressyogaonline_icon_support­Signed copy of ‘The Evolved Woman’ book mailed to you, for sign up #6 (value $24.95 + postage)
tigressyogaonline_icon_support­Membership in the private forum with the tribe who are already in this program (priceless support & motivation)

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$1500 in full OR payment plan

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Is this online course going to give me something different to the live classes?READ MORE

Yes. And you don’t need to be attending live classes to be part of this group coaching program. The deeper teachings behind Tigress Yoga are not something we can teach within a live class time frame. This is your chance to integrate what you are learning via the embodiment practise into important areas of your life as a woman. Detailed personalised guidance is where the biggest transformations can happen.

 What if I don’t have time to keep up with the modules?READ MORE

You don’t need to keep up or feel left behind – you can access the membership site with all the module content whenever you wish. With such rich content during the 10 week process, it will be helpful to revisit as you continue to expand and transform in your life.

Is this for women of any age?READ MORE

Yes absolutely – there are no age limits when it comes to feeling alive and orgasmic in our feminine bodies as women. Even if you participate in just the meditational aspects and do the course as a personal guide of inner transformation, this would be worth your investment.

Is jade egg instruction included in this?READ MORE

Yes! And it will be practical ie. not just telling you about the history of the jade egg – it will give you real beginner practises to continue at home. In learning the jade egg practises it’s not about the jade egg, it’s about your awakening vagina! 🙂

When will this be offered again?READ MORE

Not until sometime in 2017.

Do I have to participate in the private Facebook forum?READ MORE

No. It’s strictly for those who are members of Tigress Yoga Online & it’s a promotion-free zone. This means it’s a dedicated sacred space for personal sharing only. There are plenty of forums where women share about their businesses – however this one will be focused on what’s happening behind the identity of who you are in the world. How exciting! Participation in the Facebook group is optional.

How does the payment plan option work?READ MORE

When you enroll and select the payment plan option, the first payment will be taken from your account that day. 2 weeks later your next payment will be taken and again in another fortnight until you’ve paid the full payment plan amount. It is normal for payment plans to incur an increased total fee. It’s up to you to make sure that funds are in your account, as the payments will be happening automatically.

Does this count towards future training with Tigress Yoga?READ MORE

Yes and being a member of the Tigress Sanctuary program is essential for future professional training. We offer training quite differently to other yoga schools. Not everyone who applies for and wants to pay for training will be accepted. We invite embodied women who have been personally changed by Tigress Yoga to apply for being part of our teaching team.

What if I end up not liking the program?READ MORE

It’s important that women in this exclusive online community are happy to be there. That’s why I have a 14day money-back guarantee. To qualify, send back your completed worksheets for all the modules up until that 14 day mark & we will refund your money. I know this will work for you if you give it to yourself. Thousands of women have received enormous personal benefit from learning with me over almost 20 years & hundreds of them have life-changing results learning online. If you have done the work and still don’t feel I have delivered value, then I will refund your money.

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